Squid game Review

Series name- Squid game

Created by – Hwang Dong hyuk

IMDb -8.2/10

Rotten tomatoes- 91%

Hi everyone so here I’m with a new Korean series review. The series or drama is now in trending and getting so much hype . You Must have seen somewhere a name or picture or meme or anything about the series . So the series is Squid game . 

   Actually I came across the memes and I thought may be it was interesting then I watched it and I’m speechless . Seriously this drama was absolutely of another level. 

   So talking about the plot the drama revolves around hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly. We can watch here their struggle to win the game and also with out dying .

When I started watching at First episode Literally after 15 minutes I stopped watching I thought that it was kind of boring cheesy low budget story .But again after sometime I was like let’s watch some more then You can’t believe you will be not able to stop yourself to watch whole series. And I’m absolutely sure about this. The show was steadfast .you are not going anywhere after watching first episode. it was worth watching . Episode by episode series will keep getting more and more interesting leaving you exited for next episode .

   Damn addictive guys !!!!!

 Ok so talking about the sets seriously mesmerizing set. Absolutely will be shocked after knowing that not much CG was used. 

The drama was clearly shows korean culture. we can learn alot of knowledge also . The series was cleverly directed by director that shows or taught us alot of meaningful lessons. By the show we can see the traditional games of Korea .by the show actually they are spreading their culture all over the World. That’s great. 

 Ok I’m not giving anytype of spoiler here. But surely once you have to watch the series .

I just cried after watching this . The acting done by the actors, their situations and according to it their emotions , touched my heard . Sometime it was like I’m there in the game in the series . 

The series was available in Netflix you can watch their.

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