Rockstar Movie Review

Movie – Rockstar

IMDb -7.7

Rotten tomatoes-86% fresh 

Director- Imtiaz Ali

Rockstar Review ::

Actually I have recently watched it . And seriously I missed the movie at that time when it was released shame on me . From trailer you can’t be satisfied or feel like I should watch the movie . I also felt that and never watched a masterpiece movie. And Now after watching it I m just like how could I do this missed a gem . Seriously I missed it . One of the most underrated movie ever .

Ok now talking about the movie it revolves around College student Janardhan a simpleton who desperately seeks inspiration for the musician inside him. Although heartbreak helps him reach his goal, it also leads him to self-destruction. The movie has morals, passion for love , the music and the song which can you hear everyday every where. 

 Here you can see the every layer of emotions very clearly . The love, broken heart, people, society, everything that shattered him and how he deal with it the movie shows it flawlessly . 

  Talking about the acting Ranveer kapoor just did the justice to the character . You can clearly see the every shade through his face his acting. Actually we didn’t see Ranveer kapoor here We see a delhi guy ‘Janardhan’ becoming international face “Jordan” . I feel little low in acting of Nargis Fakhri though it was her first film . So we cannot say so much to her. And she tried to match the level. 

 The direction the cinematography the music everything of the top notch. Director Imtiaz Ali has made this movie completely masterpiece without flaws.

  Actually The combo the pair of Ranveer kapoor and Mohit Chauhan breathtaking. ” Mohit Chauhan “just put his soul in all songs that you can feel every song, And which came out as evergreen songs. His work should be Highly appreciable . And yah without the music of ” AR Rahman ” not any song would be memorable .

     If you still waiting and thinking about Movie Don’t miss it just go for it . You will never regret


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