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Review of Perfect Blue movies

Are you a Mystery thriller genr based movie watcher !!!!

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So today I gonna share my review thoughts and opinions about the movie PERFECT BLUE .

If you love suspense thriller genr based movie so don’t go anywhere just watch it . BUT BUT BUT…..

        Review of Perfect Blue




RELEASE IN – 1997( japan)

Imbd – 8/10

Rotten tomatoes – 80%

Talking about story – This movie was adapted from Novel perfect Blue. We see here How mima kirigo drop down her Jpop singer good girl image and put step on acting career . we got to know about all that incidents happened to her . What would I say about the movie the word masterpiece would be also not sufficient for the movie. This is the best animation movie. Normally people think that the life of the starts are so perfect happy happy type . But reality is totally different .yes some knows that they have to struggle much for getting a place and known as actor hahaha The word struggle whenever come to my mind seriously One girl’s name come to my mind so if you know that girl just let me know by liking the post or you can comment also. Ok so what m I saying that struggle so here the movie move around mima’s life . The movie was based on psychological mystery thriller genr. This movie was little bit scarry but based on true story ok this true story doesn’t mean it was adapted from anyone’s life. It is based on reality . The behind the scenes of the world of K-pop J- pop music industry or any other bollywood hollywood film industry which were unknown to us . Director Satoshi kon detailed everything so well by showing the life of character mima in this movie so we can understand the truth easily . The makers really work hard and put efforts to make understand us the concept.compared to the book I must say it was much more emotional you can feel the pain emotional and psychological state of every character clearly. That’s why I’m saying hat’s up to the makers and to the director who put every detail to make every character act fluently.

Till the end you will be surely get touched with the movie you can’t say that it was boring or anything . totally you will lost in the movie. Till the last 5 minutes you can’t guess anything that who is the villain what happening here . And this is the direction that needed and we got .

Going to the visuals and graphics yah it was made in 1997 so Don’t expect too much . Comparing it to 2020s visuals and graphics it was totally erroneous. But Once you have to watch the movie than you understand that actually it was too much better . Because we can feel emotions of every character so we should not talk about the visuals and graphics.

One of Satoshi kon’s best work the animation still holds up in the test of time and is very fluid.

Talking about the background music yah it’s really hold your emotions towards the movie and connects you with it. And what else we need .

Some people also can’t watch the movie . This movie contains some disturbing scenes and mature content . So if you are feel uncomfortable by watching these types of scenes so you can skip the movie.

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