Paika akheda

  • Paika akheda

We all know about the famous paika rebellion against Britishers.But how many of us knows about what is exactly paika is? So basically the word paika came from the word paika akheda/paika khela. It was an art of training of peasant milites in Odisha in the former time. The word paika came from the word padatika meaning infantry,akada refers to training halls.

     But in todays world paika akhada not used for training milites for war or any rebellion rather it used for participating the traditional physical exercises. It is a performance art with rhythmic movement of wepons like Khanda(straight sword),pattos,sticks,&many more ancient weapons.

     During Dasahara  Paika khela is performed in many places of Odisha especially the villages,where the people of Kshyatria &Khandayata  are present. In the district of Khordha, Dhenkanal,Anugul, Balasore,Jajpur etc the paika akheda is present. PM Modi announced setting up of a chairon the paika rebellion in Utkal university,Bhubaneswar. He also released commemorative stamp and coin on the paika rebellion. Paika khela is not just a game it remind us the glorious history and the brave freedom fighters of Odisha.

Shatabdi suryatapa samal

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