Nissan Ariya Electric Vehicles interior 2021 review

Nissan Ariya Electric Vehicles interior 2021

Its performance is dynamic and intelligent The design and space is intelligent It’s the ultimate icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility I’m Hikaru Nakajima, Chief Vehicle Engineer I wanted to create a car that you can be proud of A good car has everything in balance Control, handling, safety, comfort and quietness . The original Nissan Leaf EV was a simple, modest design that garnered sales reaching almost half a million dollars. Now, the Nissan Ariya is stepping it up.

The Ariya offers dynamic performance with all these elements You have confident control of the car in any condition Its performance is on another level something you’ve never experienced before I’m Makoto Fukuda am the Development Chief Product Specialist With my background in engineering at university I wanted to make a car that functions with artificial intelligence I developed The future of mobility is in the Ariya There are no obstacles between the outside and inside of the car It’s a seamless experience You might be surprised by all the technologies on board at first but once you get used to them you won’t be able to live without them My name is Giovanny ArrobaI’m a senior design director for Nissan Brand From a very early age, I loved architecture but I also had a really strong boyhood passion for cars I became more of an architect of designing cars. The inspiration is to shape the future I wanted to represent a new platforma new vision for Nissan Intelligent Mobility clean, powerful surfaces A more linear, horizontal motion thatkind of cuts through the whole car A striking aesthetic that shows that electric is beautiful We wanted to create an EV spatial architecturefor the interior of the car The elimination of the drive shaft the flat floor and the open space with the slim seats it stretches this interior roominess We wanted to imbue the design with some Japanese DNA Our horizontal screen layout, ergonomicallyat your arms length with haptic touch integrating all the switchgear into this seamless finisher It’s almost like you’re sitting in this loungein a theatre ready to experience the ride As a child, I imagined cars of the futurehow they floated as though they were in a tube Now that cars can drive on highwaysso smoothly with ProPILOT it reminds me of those futuristic floating cars From the outside, it’s impressive You’ll come to feel that the Ariya ismore and more intelligent and useful making your life so much easier This is the culmination of my lifetime’s work It is the right product for the right moment in time I want to buy it and drive it right now!

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