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BMW Electric Cars BMW Vision iNEXT Electric Cars

BMW i is always synonymous with a pioneering spirit.   BMW I also always has to be far beyond expectations. With the BMW Vision iNEXT, we wanted to break with certain dogmas and show a new interpretation of car making namely a highly human one.  I was born in Mexico City and my dad had a ranch.  So, every time we had the chance, we went there to ride horses. I left Mexico when I was 23 years old.

I studied in Detroit, then I went to Austria, Italy, Los Angeles  and now Munich.  I don’t actually have a favourite physical space,    but I do have a favourite feeling.   And I get that feeling when I ride a horse.   It transports me to my childhood, to my home,   and my family, and it alsoreminds me of who I am. For me, colours are almost everything.   My favourite space is definitely somewhere at the beach,   this gives me complete fulfilment.  And especially when I’m there with my friends,it feels as if I’m free as if I’m released from everything, and I get a lot of new inspiration. I always get good ideas at the beach,  I really love it.  As a child, I built things from my own ideas.   I started with small boxes, for example,   before I progressed to more advanced things like houses and aeroplanes.  When I get into this flow or the feeling of building, creating something, I could really disappear.  And I think this was maybe a feeling which I started to look for.

To have this feeling I did something from nothing to finish’. Creativity is very exhausting.   You put a lot of yourself into your work and that requires inspiration and energy.   I gain this energy by coming to places like this for recharging and appreciating to be alive in such a beautiful world. A self-driving car opens completely new possibilities.   It is a question of gaining time in which to live.  That is why we have created a completely new type of user experience,  comfort and enjoyment in the vehicle.  We tried to make it reminiscent of your living room and make sure that the passengers are comfortable.  Every object in the car is designed as if it was a single piece of furniture.   It should be a conversation starter,  there are a lot of things to discover and you may have to look a second or even a third time before you see them.   It was of course amazing to work on a project where you are so free.  You see colours that are not normally used in the automotive industry.

We wanted to achieve a very warm and cosy concept that immediately invites you to sit in it and to feel completely relaxed.  So we came up with the idea of using these very nice nude colours in combination with this warm green turquoise, a little like a shade of aqua.  And then we tried to find materials to fit this,   although they needed to be modern.   We used microfibre and combined it with jacquard. The jacquard is a very nice traditional old technology.   And with this very interesting combination of something from the past but also things from the new world,  we created this tension between the materials.  The car is a highly emotional car,   but it was achieved with a lot of simplicity.   Every single line is supposed to be there and has to be there.  There are no decorative lines at all.   The BMW Vision iNEXT elevates the interaction between humans and machines in a special new way.  We have a technology which we call Shy Tech.  

The high tech only becomes visible when you need it.  If I want to listen to music   I just need to draw a note on the jacquard.  This type of input is an exciting combination of cutting-edge technology and a very magical anti-technical way of interacting.  The question is why at BMW, we believe that we are better at predicting the future. To be honest, we can’t.  All our employees are united by a great passion for BMW and for mobility. In its 100-year history, BMW has had to reinvent itself over and over again. The BMW Vision iNEXT does that today’s we add an aspect to a vehicle that you would not expect from BMW    and that has not been considered by the automotive industry either.

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