Apple Nutrition and History in world

Apple Nutrition and History in world

even though their seeds are packed with sign apples are more likely keep that doctor away then have you called nine one one welcome is superfluous and don’t worry you’d need to ingest around half a cup of apple seats all at once to poison yourself peace while the scene here and there cannot get in trouble

we can explain why it took an applefollowing onions head for scientist to figure out gravity but today it willexplain why an apple really will help keep you out of that doctor’s officethere’s archaeological evidence the people have been eating apples since sixty five hundred B C (6500 B C)making it one of the oldest super foods with americans consuming over fiftypounds of fresh raffles each year there one of the most popular superfoods out there apples originated in the region’sbetween black and caspian sea there needed to george intermediate thatthey’ve been found each insights from china israel to iran most americans only eat fourteen gramsof fiber a day around half the daily recommended value a single apple is also is high in fiberas a cup of o’brian one apple has twenty one percent of thefiery need today or five point four grams two-thirds of this fiber along with mostof the vitamins and apples are found in the peel self-pity snacking don’t kill those apples you’ll miss outon the benefits including lower blood pressure inside justicesystem regularity apples contain high levels of boron up to two point five milligrams an apple that might not seem like a lot but thenational institute of health says the people only need one two threemilligrams of or on a date to increase their brain function along with blonde apples contain a special any accident the american journal of clinicalnutrition says the court is seen is shown to advance brain function andlower risk parkinson’s disease and if that weren’t enough a study done at the university of rio dejaneiro has found the people who eat three apples today as part of his dietwas almost twice the amount of weight as those who eight other fruits for dailysnacks for today’s super foods comparison we’recomparing apples and oranges we’re comparing a small apple to a smallorange each three inches in diameter apples have five grams of fiber orangeshave three grams apples vitamin c content is ten pointthree milligrams oranges have ninety seven point nine oh brands and finally apple sugar content isfifteen grams hers oranges have eighteen grams unlike tomatoes apples a pretty good formost of the year apples are picked in the late summer andearly fall if you wanna truly right apple wasreally good texture get apples between august and october but really right apple will be extremelyfragrant slight pressure on the apple up near thestem end of the apple we should get a strong apple sent rightaway brother apples tend to be more flavorfulthe longer apples red delicious apples and other long varieties are pretty tolook at but they won’t taste as good as callous as with most fruits avoid any appleswith noticeable bruising discoloration

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