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BlogBok is a informational platform where you can show your talent and get rewarded. This website is designed for people to share their stuff such as thoughts, photos videos memes and other fun material. 

We have created the platform to give your passion a new direction or just make your hobby a bit popular to show off or tell your story to the world.  As it named blogbok. We are looking for some incredible blogs with exotic content. So if you have a tail to share then just sign up to blogbok. Newsroom is created to make news and current affairs more interesting and we can collage both entertainment and knowledge at one platform. Trending news or some matter that have to be news, we cover those in this section. In the blog phase everyone can write about their hobby or some interesting topic that everybody love to explore. 

Jyotirmaya Baral

A founder and chief executive officer (CEO) position at blogbok.

Our mission

Our Vision is to Make a Learn and Teach Universe.

“What do you Learn

what do you Teach”

To encourage the fresh talents we have planned to greet our participates with points as per their post statistics and creativity. Our admin team will decide the winners and reward them with gift vouchers and real cash. If you are passionate about blogging and wanted to share your learnings to the world through blog then join our community. we will appreciate your creative story telling. It is time to show your hidden talent through blogging and you are always welcome to be part of BlogBok.